Audio Programs

Throughout my 20+ years of training entrepreneurs, I created classes to help business owners become more successful, efficient and more profitable. I have made these available in a download format.

7 Techniques to Thrive in Any Economy

If you consistently apply these 7 Techniques, your business will Thrive in any economy or economic environment. Until you have 10% more profitability than you need to be comfortable, and 6 months of operating capital in cash, you need to spend no less than 30% of your time marketing your business and following these simple steps to stay successful.


About Face – Traits Tell Tales

The art of Physiogomy or interpreting faces goes back to Aristotle in 500 BC, but it was notarized by Judge Jones in the 1930s, who realized that the true innocent had specific facial features.

You will be able to learn how pace your conversations with people you’ve just met and being able to engage them as though you have been friends for years. You will be able to increase your sales stats while reducing your ratios, selling more with less time.

Imagine being able to tell how to structure your conversation with people when you first meet them to suite their comfort. You will build rapport with your prospects and even personal relationships by understanding the traits they possess on their face.

About Time

Time is the one thing we can not replace, but is the one value most often wasted! What if you could discover an extra hour a day, five hours a week, what would you do with the extra time? What if you could learn how to become more efficient in the many tasks required to operate your business you’d gain an extra day every week to spend doing additional marketing, relationship building or even time to spend with your family?

You will learn amazing skills and techniques to help you become more organized and create the time it will take you to become more profitable, efficient and even more relaxed just by applying these simple techniques!

Affiliates and Blogs

This might seem to be an odd combination but imagine you could create relationships with those who can refer you business every single day just by creating a relationship with them on their blogs.

I have used this technique to gain high ranking visibility on social media sites and even more of an audience through radio interviews. This is an excellent method of allowing you to go viral with others pulling you along with their successful strategies.


Back of the Room Sales

It is one thing to create a stage presence and have words of wisdom to share with your audience, yet quite another to be able to create a frenzy of sales based on your products being sold to your new fans.

You will learn the techniques the most professionals have mastered and how they make it appear to be so effortless. You will discover the strategies to apply while you’re speaking and what you can do to drastically increase your Back of the Room Sales.


Blogify Your Business

In today’s competitive world it is important for all entrepreneurs to generate a broad spectrum of marketing their business and create clients from every source possible.

When people write about their business through a blog, individuals from all over the world are able to find the blog and engage with the blogger. Even if you are not comfortable writing or feel you have the time to write consistently, you learn how to have fresh new content consistently and keep your audience coming back for more!


Booking Radio Interviews

I was one of the most reluctant guest interviews you’d ever imagine. I didn’t think I had anything to say! I was afraid I’d sound foolish! I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to listen to me . . . and then something magical happened . . . people responded to my straight forward sound advice and I became hooked on reaching a much broader audience which gave me national and international exposure.

You will learn how to Book Radio Interviews and turn them into one of your most profitable marketing techniques.

Book Marketing

How would you like to see your books fly out the door every single day? Even if it isn’t every day, you’ll learn the most Effective Book Marketing Campaign strategies that are the most comfortable for you. When you are comfortable with these techniques, you will use them consistently and effectively.

You will learn how to develop your book into a business of it’s own with less effort than you could ever imagine.

Be Your Own Boss

This program is for all those who are sick and tired of working at a job and barely getting by every month or worse yet, finding yourself with less in your pocket each month than you had the month before.

You will discover your skills and your passions can be merged into the most perfect business which will generate more income in half the time than you’ve been earning working a full time job. Plus you’ll gain the freedom to work the hours you choose and spend time with your family instead of in your car commuting to a job that doesn’t support you in the fashion you deserve!

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